Holder management

In addition to investment services, Arca Brokerage House offers also noncore services to its clients with the aim of achieving comprehensive asset management. Performance of a holder management noncore service includes taking the steps needed to exercise and maintain rights related to a financial tool for the owner of the financial tool towards third parties, while Arca Brokerage House performs such activities in its own name and on the account of the Client, particularly:

  • receiving a financial tool crediting the client’s account;
  • delivering a financial tool debiting the client’s account;
  • placing interests, dividends and other payments resulting from holding a financial tool into the client’s account.

In order to perform holder management, Arca Brokerage House will establish a holder management account for the client in which it records financial tools and funds in its internal recording system which it holds for the client. Arca Brokerage House sends to its clients’ statements of financial tools or funds held by them at least annually at the end of the period which such statement covers.  Arca Brokerage House performs holder management of financial tools for a reward specified in the “Price list of fees”.