Profile portfolios

Invest to achieve your financial goals –
“multi-management” principle and maximum liquidity

Profile portfolios are actively managed portfolios based on investing in collective investment products (funds). Investment strategies are built on the “multi-management” principle where Arca Brokerage House as a portfolio manager actively allocates assets among several fund managers.

Profile portfolios can help all types of clients achieve their financial goals. From the most conservative ones who lay emphasis mainly on small oscillations of the investment value, to the most dynamic ones the main intention of whom is to reach maximum yields. Using an investment questionnaire we can evaluate your investment intentions and experience and, after we have assessed your financial situation, we can jointly propose an optimum investment solution.

Profile portfolios bring you:

  • your own investment strategy which best suits your needs;
  • the possibility of higher yields compared to investment in a conservative mutual fund and higher protection of your investments compared to investment in a dynamic fund;
  • active portfolio management which responds to changes in financial markets;
  • sufficient diversification of market risks from the point of view of types of financial tools and their reference names;
  • ergonomic principle, the values entrusted by you are managed without the need for you to intervene;
  • optimization of transaction costs with regard to high volumes of transactions performed for a higher number of clients.