Individually managed portfolios

Innovative solutions and added value for private clients:
Active management of your financial assets

An actively managed portfolio represents an investment service based on an individual investment portfolio made from a wide range of financial tools depending on options offered by both national and global financial markets. Selection of individual financial tools takes into account particularly the amount of invested funds of the client and his/her investment horizon with regard to optimization of transaction costs. The final portfolio composition always reflects the client’s individual investment profile:

investment intentions

  • investment liquidity
  • relation to market risk
  • expected yields

investment experience

  • length and significance of investment experience
  • knowledge of key investment terms

financial situation

  • financial credit and financial standing of the investor

The “Actively managed portfolio” investment service brings the following benefits to clients:

  • profession management of financial assets;
  • individual approach to investment strategy creation;
  • selection from a wide and variable range of financial tools;
  • personal investment specialist;
  • outstanding communication and reporting