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SALVE INVESTMENTS, o. c. p., a. s., a licensed securities trader with a dominant position in Slovakia in terms of the number of active clients as well as the amount of managed assets, not taking into account banks, is changing its name to Arca Brokerage House o. c. p. a. s. In addition to the name change, the rebranding also involves a logo change and transition from the “strict” red to “corporate” blue colour. At the same time, the visual motif becomes unified with Arca Capital. The company’s shareholder structure remains unchanged.
“After eleven years, SALVE INVESTMENTS, the investment services and solutions of which have been used by more than 10,000 clients since 2003 and which currently administers and manages assets worth over EUR 100 million (EUR 88.92 million as of 31 December 2016, audited data from financial statements), has decided to change its name to Arca Brokerage House. The company has had long-term cooperation with Arca Capital, a financial group with which it also has personnel connections. With our changed name and logo we want to strengthen our connections to the Arca Capital financial group which we belong to,” said Michal Šimo, member of the Board of Directors.

Ing. Miloš Krššák a Mgr. Michal Šimo
Ing. Miloš Krššák – Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mgr. Michal Šimo – member of the Board of Directors

The rebranding of the company is related to offering new financial tools for investors. Hot news in the company’s variable offer is a new corporate bond, NREF 2027 I., with zero coupon and 10-year maturity. It is very affordable for clients since its nominal value is EUR 1 and its yield by the maturity date is very attractive. For more information please check the web page of the issuer,
Next year Arca Brokerage House is planning to expand to the Polish financial market where it would like to provide the same investment services and solutions as in Slovakia. The company has also an ambition to open a brick-and-mortar branch in Czech Republic, in Prague, by the end of 2017 with regard to its long-term attractive business results and considerable interest in its investment services in Czech Republic.
Arca Brokerage House o.c.p. a.s. was established in 2003 and its business name was AFS securities trader. In June 2006 it was renamed as SALVE INVESTMENTS. The company’s capital is EUR 1.494 million and it is a member of the Association of Securities Traders.
In 2016 Arca Brokerage House saw a turnover amounting to EUR 2.635 million, representing an increase of 66% compared to the original EUR 1.587 million seen in 2015. Its net profits amounted to EUR 132,000 and the average number of clients in 2016 reached 4,212 investors, representing an increase by about 300 new clients compared to 2015. Currently, the company has 12 permanent employees.

Arca Brokerage House is a part of the Arca Capital financial group which manages its own assets as well as the assets of its clients, currently in the total amount of EUR 1.4 billion, representing a five-fold increase compared to 2012. Together with the Redside investment group, Arca Capital manages several investment funds worth over EUR 500 million in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia the group is the largest owner of renewable energy sources with a total installed engine power of 125 megawatts. Its international and business activities are divided regionally in several CEE countries. The group diversifies its business activities into different market segments.