Arca Brokerage House o.c.p. a.s. (Arca Brokerage House) is a financial institution providing its clients with core and noncore investment services in the area of securities and other financial tools. The company has provided its services to more than 10,000 clients in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and it is intending to extend its activities also to other CEE countries.

The company was established in December 2003. Its business name was AFS securities trader and it actively started to offer investment services and solutions across Slovakia. Thanks to its success and the interest of its clients, in 2005 both the scope of its business activities as well as the area where they are provided were extended to include the Czech Republic. In June 2006 the company was renamed as SALVE INVESTMENTS, o.c.p,. a.s. After the change of its business name the company achieved a stable position on the market as a licensed securities trader and it became popular among investors.

Its client base was gradually growing; similarly, the amount of managed assets as well as the number of satisfied investors who were using both core and noncore investment services and the company’s investment solutions was rising, too. Thanks to its professional attitude and the added value in the area of management of entrusted valuables, the company gradually won the recognition of renowned financial institutions forming the basis of business partners, both in Slovakia as well as at the international level.

In summer 2017 the company was renamed as Arca Brokerage House with the aim of building closer and more intensive cooperation with the Arca Capital financial group and to provide professional investment services and solutions as well as attractive financial tools, while maintaining a valuable and high-quality client service.